Our Story

COLAB. has beed estabslihed in 2016 as add on business line by Workplace Interiors, well-known construction and materials distribution company.  Building high quality office space is among Workplace Interiors key expertise and idea was to make high office space standards available to small teams and freelance professionals. COLAB. is an office space platform designed to help young and established professionals to have access to qualty work environment and reasonable cost.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe quality of working space and community of people largley contribute to creativity, focus and discipline: which are all required to make your business successful.
  • We also believe larger businesses should not only produce products and services but also generate valuable social impact by sharing their resources and knodledge base with community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support professionals by optimizing costs associated with the use of office space making it readily available. We want to make sure that requirement for office space does not become a barrier for young and establish professionals pursuing their business goals.